Lightwater Valley

On Thursday I went to Lightwater Valley with Mia. It was so much fun. The first thing that we did was go in the angry birds outdoor play area. Next, we saw some animals. We saw some guinea pigs, some rabbits, some goats and some donkeys. After that, we went on all of the rides. The first ride that we went on was the  fast swings. Isla wasn’t tall enough so just Mia and I went on the swings. Next, we went on the slow  carousel. After that, I went on the Eagle’s Claw with Lisa! It was extremely fun. Lisa said that she was traumatised! Finally, we went on the trauma tower, for this one Isla was tall enough and then it was time to go home.


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The Lodge

To celebrate my dad’s  birthday and Valentines day. My family and I went for a short stay to Dalby forest in the North Yorkshire Moors. We stayed in a wooden lodge, which was lovely and cosy, and had three televisions, one in my bedroom, wahoo! Whilst we were there, my sister and I went climbing on the Go Ape tree top trail. It was AMASING! It had a  really high zip wire, it was so much fun.                   Matilda

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Hunter 2 by Max.

Today we got my dog, Hunter, a new bed and he enjoys it. Hunter’s bed says HUNTER in capital letters. HE LOVES IT. He always plays in it and he brings his toys in it. He takes my socks into the bed and the towels. Hunter is so funny in his bed and he is funny out of his bed.

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Daddy’s run

On Sunday Daddy took part in a running race in Ripon.

Daddy came 34th out of 500 people , the run was 10 kilometers long.

Me, Mummy and my sister Gabriella were very,very proud of him!

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In English we are reading about, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. I love the book so far and what is happening, we did a descriptive and short sentenced piece of writing about the White Witch today. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next in this story.

By Sofia

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My Raspberry Cheesecake

Last Saturday I baked a raspberry cheesecake, we mixed evaporated milk, cream cheese  gelatine and raspberries. We bashed biscuits and butter for the base and left the cheesecake to set. It didn’t set!  Maybe I mixed it wrong or used the wrong GELATINE! – Amelia

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My time at Billingham Forum

On Sunday I did my first performance in the show, **** Whittington, with Karen Heritage dance productions.

We performed three song and dance routines, named Agadoo, Life’s a Happy Song and Lambeth Walk.

Agadoo was ballet and what we wore colourful hula hula outfits.  Life’s a happy song and Lambeth Walk was tap dance and we wore waist coats and shirts like Pearly Kings and Queens.

I had a fantastic time and so did all of my family who were watching.







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On Saturday I went swimming I swam   600 metres  for my stage 9 I have to swim 800 metres . I go swimming at Total Fitness on a Saturday morning at half past ten .

Thank you for reading my blog,  Mia .

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My Hobbies

My hobbies are football , swimming , going to cubs , going to school and gymnastics. At football I play for a team, my team is called Seville and I scored two goals last week. At swimming I do front crawl , back stroke , breast stroke and butterfly and last week I moved up to stage six. At cubs I try to learn new things to get my challenge badges and James in Emerald class goes with me. At school I try to learn hard every day to get the Dojo or the golden star. Finally at gymnastics I do bridges and the volt and I am in stage four. These are my hobbies.


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My Hobbies

I have quite a few hobbies. I love to build Lego sets over and over again. I love to take them apart and make my own creations! For example, I made a lego camera. I also love to colour and paint. I have my own paint palette and paint pad. I always love helping around the house. My favourite time was helping my dad to build my wardrobe.

– Anum

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