My New Caravan

Yesterday I got a new caravan, me and my family love it!  We are going to Chatsworth today, on holiday in the caravan. My birthday is on Monday. It’s so exciting. I do miss the old caravan though, we did have good memories that I will treasure forever. I have been doing fractions with my pretend class and learning new things myself.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays-Amelia

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My new dance jacket

I got my new dance jacket  on Monday, my mum got me it for my birthday. It’s a black jacket with my dance studio logo on the front and a big logo on the back, it has my name on it .

Thank you for reading my blog Mia.


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Nell’s house

I went to Nell’s house after school for tea on Thursday. We coloured in, we drew a unicorn as a cloud and a  panda lollipop.We played a round of jenga, after about 1 minute and a half the game was over and  I was jumping in excitement because I won. Then we had a go at hide and seek, we played with Max which is Nell’s brother. Then we had tea which was pizza . For dessert we had some muffins with little chocolate eggs on them and chocolate cream. It was yummy-licious. Then Nell’s mother shouted that my mum was there so I came downstairs and got my coat and bag. I said bye to Nell and said thankyou . I HAD AN AMAZING TIME!!!!

By Sky

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Abigail’s party

From Nell


I went to Abigail’s party and it was at Jump 360, I had a great time. I played with Gabriella, Anum and Izzy . We did gymnastics on the long trampoline. After that we went to Abigail’s house to have pizza then I went home.

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What I’ve Recently Read

I’ve recently read Dork Diaries: Drama Queen. I thought it was funny, hilarious, silly and excellent. This is one of my favourite books I’ve recently read. I rate this book 9 1/2 out of 10.  I liked it when MacKenzie takes over the diary because she is my favourite character.

By Jake


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Our Fun Day.

Today my BFF Jessie came round my house. At the moment we are playing hide and seek. Me and Jessie are best friends we have known each other since we were babies. Next year we are going to Disneyland Paris .

Thank you for reading my blog

Darcey and Jessie xxx

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Book Review

Book name – Manchester United

I really enjoyed this book because it tells you the Man United players and interesting facts about them. It tells you what trophies they have won. It tells you about Old Trafford, Old Trafford is Man United’s football ground.

There is also some fun games and quizzes in the back of the book.


By Joel

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100 Metres

At swimming I swam 100 metres it was really hard. But I now have my sticker to put on my certificate. I had to swim 10 times across the pool and back it was really hard. After, my heart was pounding, it was one hard day.




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My new book

At the weekend, my daddy gave me a present, it was a new book called Goodnight Stories for Reble Girls 2. I have already read the first book. Its was extremely exciting to read, full of fascinating stories of heroic women. The women are from all around the world, both past and present and from different walks of life. I am super excited to discover about these famous, passionate and brave females. Matilda

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Year 4 Azure

I have been enjoying year 4 lot and I really like it.


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